Township: Balephuil,Hynish,West Hynish

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Name Type: shore

Meaning: Ardsliganish 1775 MacKenzie, West Side of the Island of Mull with the Islands of Tiri and Coll, EMS.s.654: + ScG àird 'promontory'
West Hynish
No longer known in the oral tradition
A name in ON nes ‘promontory’

This is a name in ON nes ‘promontory’. It is likely that this name refers to the tacksman rather than the headland. ‘John Campbell of Ardslignish [Ardnamurchan] had a tack of Laudil in Morvern and Mannal and Hynish in Tiree (Book of Mull and Morvern Tacks 1770-1776)’ (Cregeen 1964, 111).

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Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Island Mull with Islands Tiri and Coll, M MacKenzie, 1775.