Township: (Rubha) Craignis,Hough

Map Reference: Craignish 31

Name Type: shore

Meaning: C 1 NGR NL921458 [?tõ:n ?st??l' ]

Tòn Stòil, Sandy MacKinnon (Sandaidh Ghobhainn), Kilkenneth, 11/1993 (oral source): + ScG tòn 'buttock, bottom' + stòl 'stool'

Hough | A fishing rock on the northwest tip of Craignish

The single informant derived this from the Gaelic as 'the bottom of the stool'. ScG tòn 'rump end' (Whyte 2017, 312) is certainly a common generic in Argyll: for example, Ton Tire on Mull and An Ton Loisgte in Kilchoman (SP). See Stòl

Other Forms:

Related Places: An Stol

A fishing rock.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Sandy MacKinnon (Sandaidh MacKinnon), Kilkenneth, 11/1993