Township: Hough,Hough

Map Reference: Hough 53

Name Type: township

Meaning: For the specific see Murasdal. The generic here is ON topt 'homestead; site; ruins', with metathesis: Myrartopt. See Mugstot in Cox 2007b, 70.
There is a Murtost in Coll (Johnston 1991; Gammeltoft 2001, 310); Fjørtoft is a name in Haram, Norway (NG); Myrstad is a common place-name in Norway (NG); and Mýrarkot and Móakot are farm names in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms: Murtod, 1509 ER 13, 217
Murtost, 1541 ER 17, 647
Murdod, 1638 RMS, 828
Murtosk, 1674 Retours ARG vol. 1, 86
Murdat, 1716 Maclean-Bristol 1998
Muirdat, 1768 Turnbull
Murstat, 1779 List of Inhabitants of Tyree and their Age in September 1779
Beinn Mhùrstat, 1878 OS 6 inch first edition (JGC, OSNB, 67, -): + ScG beinn 'hill'
Beinn Mhurstat, Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 6/1994 (oral source)
Ceathramh Mhurdat, 1895 Campbell, 31

Related Places: Beinn Mhurstat - OS.


Local Form:

Languages : Iron

Informants: historical

Informant 2: Argyll Estate Instructions, ed. Eric Cregeen, Scottish History Society, 1964, p 57.