Township: Hough,Hough

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Meaning: This is ON mýrr (genitive myrar, dative myri, plural myrar) 'a moor, bog, swamp, frequently in local names, Myri, Myrar' (CV, 441). The generic is ON dalr ‘valley or piece of ground’: Myrardal.
There is a Myrdal, in Ulvik, Norway (NG); Myr- is common among Norwegian farm names (OR); and Mýr- is extremely common among Icelandic farm names, for example Mýrdalur (SAM). The phonetic development ý > u is common, as in Mùirnemeall on Islay, derived from Mýrnafjall (Macniven 2015, 298), and Mid Mursetter on Yell, and Murrion, Northmavine, Shetland (SP).

Other Forms: Murdoll, 1674 HP vol. 1, 290 (Johnston 1991, 101)
Muirdale, 1801 (Cregeen 1964, 57): 'Muirdale or Murstal was situated immediately south of the farm of Hough.'
No longer known in the oral tradition

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Information:Hough | The long ridge of Beinn Hògh divided the old township of Hough in two. The west side of the hill slopes down to the machair and the shore, the east side to the Moss sliabh.

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Languages : Gaelic