Township: (Rubha) Craignis,Hough

Map Reference: Craignish 8

Name Type: shore

Meaning: Hough | This was mapped by the OS surveyors onto a small, curved rocky outcrop in the middle of a storm beach made up of strikingly large, round cobbles on the southeastern corner of the Craignish peninsula.

The fact that there is only one documentary source makes any derivation speculative. One possible reconstruction, however, is from ON m?l (genitive malar) 'pebbles, worn stones ... malar-kambr a pebble-ridge along the beach' (CV, 443). The generic could be ON áss 'ridge' (CV, 46): Malarás. This suits the setting. This may have undergone changes from the Gaelic genitive case (lenition and palatalisation) > Mhalarais, with further metathesis and reduction > Mhalais.

ScG Mol 'shingle beach' < ON m?l is a common loan word in Carloway (Cox 2002, 341), although it is not found on Tiree. Mølle- is a common specific in Norway, for example Møllevika (NG); Malar occurs in the Faroe Islands, for example Malarurðin (KO), and twice as a specific in Iceland (SAM). There is a Flae-ass on Fetlar, Shetland (SP); Áss occurs forty-two times as a generic among Icelandic farm names, with one being Malarás (SAM). See Ceathramh Furgus.

Other Forms: ONB p. 61 gives the same

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Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: OS