Township: Hough,Hough

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Meaning: This name has only two attestations and is obscure. The male Gaelic personal name Fearchar occurs several times in Tiree place-names, for example Sloc Fhearchair in Caolas, but Fergus is rare in the Gaelic-speaking parts of Scotland: for example, Tirfergus in Kintyre (SP).
The specific is more likely to be Norse ex nomine onomastic unit. The place-name *Urdha (see below) is nearby on the southern shore of Craignish. The initial /f/ could have been 'projected' from the terminal /v/ of ceathramh (Cox 2002, 54), becoming unvoiced (Cox 2002, 63). The generic might be ON áss 'rocky ridge' (CV, 46): Urðar-áss.
Urð- occurs twice as a specific among farm names in Iceland, as in Urðarbak; ás is a common generic there, for example Bergás (SAM). The name could be a contrasting pair with Màlas (see below), possibly 'ridge of the cobbles, further along Cràignis.

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Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Kerrefurgus, 1674 HP vol. 1, 290 (Johnston 1991, 99)

Informant 2: 1663 Tiree Rental, Argyll and Bute Archives, FH 233 (Denis Rixson, pers. comm.)