Township: Hough,Hough

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Meaning: This name has only two attestations and is obscure. The Gaelic name Fearchar
occurs several times in Tiree place-names, for example Sloc Fhearchair in Caolas, but Fergus is only attested as Tirfergus, Kintyre (SP) in the Gaelic-speaking parts of Scotland. The place-name Urdha (see below) is on the southern shore of nearby Craignish. This name is possibly derived from the loan word *Urrdh < ON urð ‘rock-strewn slope; debris of boulders’, which describes the unusually large pebbles that make up the beach. The initial /f/ could have been ‘projected’ from the terminal /v/ of ceathramh (Cox 2002b, 54), becoming devoiced (Cox 2002b, 63). The generic might then be ON áss ‘rocky ridge’ (CV, 46), and stand in contrast to another part of Craignish, Bàlas (see above), which may mean ‘ridge of the grassy slope’.

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Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Kerrefurgus, 1674 HP vol. 1, 290 (Johnston 1991, 99)

Informant 2: 1663 Tiree Rental, Argyll and Bute Archives, FH 233 (Denis Rixson, pers. comm.)