Township: Hough,Hough

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Name Type: township

Meaning: This is another name in ScG ceathramh ‘a quarter’. Since this name incorporates the ex nomine onomastic unit An Trian Mòr, this must pre-date that of the ceathramh. The second element may be from either ScG trian ‘a third part; district’ (Dwelly), a loan word from ON Þriðjungr ‘third part’; or from tirung < ScG tìr unga ‘the land of the ounce (ounceland)’, with ScG mòr ‘large’. However, trian is a very uncommon element in Scotland (Denis Rixson, pers. comm.), occurring only as Trian near Crieff, Treen in North Uist, and Sgeir na Trian near Gairloch (SP). On Man, however, Treen is common (Muhr 2002, 42), although its derivation is not well understood. Suðurtriðingur is one of three divisions of the village of Sørvag on the Faroe Islands.

Other Forms: Keratrinvoir - Tiree Rental 1747.

Kerahinvoir and Kerahianvoir - List of Inhabitants of Tiree 1776

Keratrianvoir - Argyll Estate Instructions, ed. Eric Cregeen, Scottish History Society, 1964

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Information:One of the townships to the west of Beinn Hough, evacuated because of erosion.

The people had to leave Murdat in the spring of 1815 because of sand blow - SA 1974/134/A1.

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Languages : Gaelic, Obscure