Township: Hough,Hough

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Name Type: township

Meaning: This name incorporates the ex nomine onomastic unit *An Trian Mòr: ScG trian 'a third part; district' (Dwelly) + ScG mòr 'large'. Trian, a loan word from ON Þriðjungr 'third part', is a very uncommon element in Scotland (Denis Rixson, pers. comm.; see section 10.5.6): for example, Trian near Crieff, Treen in North Uist, and Sgeir na Trian near Gairloch (SP). It does not occur in Carloway (Cox 2002). On Man, however, Treen is a common element (Muhr 2002, 42), although its derivation there is not well understood. Tridjevatnet occurs twice in Norway (NG); while Suðurtriðingur is one of three divisions of the village of Sørvag on the Faroe Islands.

Other Forms: Keratrinvoir - Tiree Rental 1747.

Kerahinvoir and Kerahianvoir - List of Inhabitants of Tiree 1776

Keratrianvoir - Argyll Estate Instructions, ed. Eric Cregeen, Scottish History Society, 1964

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Information:One of the townships to the west of Beinn Hough, evacuated because of erosion.

The people had to leave Murdat in the spring of 1815 because of sand blow - SA 1974/134/A1.

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Languages : Gaelic, Obscure