Township: Hough

Map Reference: Hough 7

Name Type: watercourse

Meaning: Loch Cùl na Beinne - loch at the back of the hill

Loch na Buaile - loch of the enclosure - buaile 'fold, pen, Early Irish buale' (MacBain)

Loch Earblaig: The sharply contrasting source forms should act as a warning light. Having said that, this is likely to be a Norse name in ON vík 'inlet'. The specific may even be Earbal above, as in Eyrarpallavík.

The lack of a consistent source form means that we should leave this place-name open.

Other Forms: Possibly Loch Aglim - The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768 and accompanying survey text.

ONB p.66 gives Loch Earblaig with Loch Earraballach crossed out. "Loch of the many tails" crossed out

Loch Earblaig - OS

Loch Cùl na Beinne - Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 12/1993
Loch Eallabal - Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 12/1993
Loch na Buaile - Donald Eachainn Kennedy, Balevullin, 2/2006

Related Places: Loch Aglim

Information:This loch is said to contain an old whisky still, hidden there to escape the gaugers - Sandy MacKinnon, Kilkenneth (Sandaidh Ghobhainn), 11/1993.
The loch lies over Tobar na Naoi Beò - Sandy MacKinnon, Kilkenneth (Sandaidh Ghobhainn), 11/1993.

The OS shows a small stream just north west of this loch.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: Alasdair MacDonald, Druimasadh, Balevullin, 11/1993 and 3/1994

Informant 2: Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 12/1993

Informant 3: OS