Township: Hough

Map Reference: Hough 30

Name Type: shore

Meaning: ONB gives "a small island of rock on the foreshore opposite Am Poll Bàn, meaning 'numerous rocks'." p. 26 There is another Lionar Sgeire on Tràigh Ghrianail.

There is another feature of the same name 1 km to the north in Hough. There are at least two plausible reconstructions:
• ON lína (genitive línu) ‘line or rope, bowline; Norsemen usually used ropes of walrus skin, but ropes of flax are also mentioned’ (CV, 393), implying either a rock to which a boat could be tied, or its long, straight shape > Linesøya (NS). There are two Tiree examples of the coastal name ScG Cnoc nan Lìn 'the hillock of the lines' where fishing lines were dried
• ON lín 'flax, linen ... lín-akr a flax field; Línakra-dalr a local name in Iceland from the growth of flax' (CV, 393), implying a beach rock where flax could be dried
'The development of an older long í to [i?] is regular before non-palatal consonants' (see Lionel in Oftedal 2009, 13).
The generic is ON sker ‘skerry’.
There is a Lynegar in Caithness, a Liniquie and Lionacro in Skye, and a Lionacleit in Benbecula (SP); Linvik and Linvollen are both common in Norway, and there is a Linevika in Fjell, Norway (NG); Lina and Linbakken are farm names in Norway (OR); and Linebakken, Linesund and Lineberget are farm names in Iceland (SAM).

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Languages : Norse, Obscure

Informants: OS