Township: (Rubha) Craignis,Hough

Map Reference: Craignish 24

Name Type: shore

Meaning: Clachan 'rocks'

Torra ' pile'

The specific is ON sauðr (genitive plural sauða) ‘sheep’ (CV, 515). ‘Intervocalically, ON -ð- is replaced by hiatus, for example in ScG fadhail’ (Cox 2007b, 68). The generic could be ON gjá ‘gully’, ON geiri ‘a triangular piece of land’ or ON gerði ‘fence’. At this location at the end of a rock and pebble peninsula it is likely to be referring to a sheep pen or fank rather than a cultivated field.
There is a Sothers Daal in Walls, Shetland and a Sothabhal in Lochs, Lewis (SP); Sauðanes occurs four times as a farm name in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms: ONB p. 14 gives the same.

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Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: OS