Township: (Rubha) Craignis,Hough

Map Reference: Craignish 32

Name Type: shore

Meaning: One of four rocks at sea off Tràigh Thallasgeir
The scarcity of source forms, however, makes this name opaque, and polysyllabic names are frequently beyond reconstruction (see section 17.6). It is likely, however, to be a Norse name in ON vík 'bay'. Possibly the specific is ON bali (genitive bala) 'grassy slope leading down to the shore', or ON pallr 'ledge' (but see Generics and Earbal for a discussion of this element) + ON hólmr 'islet' after metathesis > -rum (see Greatharum). This suggests that Bala-hólm-vík could have been the Norse name for Tràigh Thallasgeir. Holmvik(a) is common name in Norway (NG). Despite this, it is best to leave the specific of this name open at the moment.

Other Forms:

Related Places:

One of four rocks at sea off Tràigh Thallasgeir.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Obscure

Informants: Sandy MacKinnon (Sandaidh Ghobhainn), Kilkenneth, 8/1995

Informant 2: Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 11/1995