Township: (Rubha) Craignis,Hough

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Information:The Cairnsmuir ran aground on these rocks on July 4th 1885, en route from Hamburg to Glasgow in what should have been a trip to China under Captain John Georgie. The crew of 25 abandoned the ship without loss of life and rowed ashore to Tiree. The ship soon began to break up and her cargo, including crates of wine, beer and spirits, washed ashore.
'The local customs officer did his best to round up the crates that washed ashore on the island as the ship began to break up over the next few days, but for some reason most of the cases he found washed up were empty! We can only guess what happened to the contents although at least one of the islanders, a large man by the name of Kennedy, was reported to have stripped and dived into the breakers to bring ashore a case he had spotted in the surf and, despite a direct challenge by the Customs Officer, he made off with his prize.'
The Captain was found guilty of careless navigation and his certificate was suspended for three months. Summarised from Argyll Shipwrecks, by Peter Moir and Ian Crawford, published 1994, 160-1.

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