Township: Greenhill

Map Reference: Greenhill 24

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The lack of source forms makes this name difficult to reconstruct safely. It is a Norse name vík ‘bay’. The specific may be:
• ON marr (genitive mars) 'horse', or merr 'mare' (CV, 413). Marvik in Norway is derived from this (NS), although the word 'is only used poetically' (Gammeltoft 2001, 292)
• The uncommon male ON personal names Már or Margaðr, said by some saga accounts to have been the King of Dublin, with the genitive morpheme /s/

There is a Maresnes in Kvinesdal, and a Marstein, Marshovet and Mærsland in Norway (NG). This may be the Norse name for Tràigh Ghrianail.

Other Forms:

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Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 11/1993