Township: Greenhill

Map Reference: Greenhill 37

Name Type: shore

Meaning: There is another feature of the same name 1 km to the north in Hough. There are at least two plausible reconstructions:
• ON lína (genitive línu) ‘line or rope, bowline; Norsemen usually used ropes of walrus skin, but ropes of flax are also mentioned’ (CV, 393), implying either a rock to which a boat could be tied, or its long, straight shape > Linesøya (NS). There are two Tiree examples of the coastal name ScG Cnoc nan Lìn 'the hillock of the lines' where fishing lines were dried
• ON lín 'flax, linen ... lín-akr a flax field; Línakra-dalr a local name in Iceland from the growth of flax' (CV, 393), implying a beach rock where flax could be dried
'The development of an older long í to [i?] is regular before non-palatal consonants' (see Lionel in Oftedal 2009, 13).
The generic is ON sker ‘skerry’.
There is a Lynegar in Caithness, a Liniquie and Lionacro in Skye, and a Lionacleit in Benbecula (SP); Linvik and Linvollen are both common in Norway, and there is a Linevika in Fjell, Norway (NG); Lina and Linbakken are farm names in Norway (OR); and Linebakken, Linesund and Lineberget are farm names in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms: ONB p. 89 gives Lionar Sgeire.

Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 10/1993 gives Làimhsgeir Mòr and Beag

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Local Form: Lài'sgeir

Languages : Norse

Informants: Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill, 10/1993

Informant 2: OS