Township: Cornaigmore

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Name Type: sea

Meaning: Cornaigmore | A sea rock northeast of Clachan outside ScG Bodha mhic Lachainn 'the sea rock of the son of Lachlan'. This feature is likely to correspond to the nearby islet today known as ScG Eilean nan Teantaichean, alias Eilean Uilleim ‘the island of the tents’ or 'the island of William’, which was a summer base for fishermen in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The specific is a male ON personal name such as Þórðr, Þórir or Þórvald (see Horraldshay, Sandnes 2010a, 123), with the genitive morpheme /s/; the generic is either ON ey ‘island’ orvON eið 'isthmus, neck of land': Þórisey.
There is a Torosay on Mull (SP). Torsøya is a common place-name in Norway (NG); Tórshavn and Tórisurð are settlement names in the Faroe Islands (KO); while names in Þór- are very common in Iceland, for example Þórisstaðir (SAM).

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Information:A sea rock NE of Clachan, outside Bogha Mhic Lachainn. Even on a calm day you can see the swell breaking over it - WMcP, 4/2014

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Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Willie MacPhail, Clachan, 4/2014