Township: Cornaigmore

Map Reference: Cornaigmore 47

Name Type: shore

Meaning: Possibly this is a Gaelic name from ScG ollag 'refuse, offal' (Dwelly). But given its shoreline position this could also be Norse, from a male ON personal name such as ?lvir, with ON vík 'bay'. See Alabhal (above) nearby, which has also been derived from ?lvir. The phonetic development ON ? > o is quite common on Tiree: for example, ON g?tu > Got (see section
There is an Ollag (with no definite article) in South Uist (SP); there are seven examples of Olvika in Norway, there is an Ølversvika in Tysnes, and an Ølvevika in Solund, Norway (NG).

Other Forms: An Ollag - ONB p41, "no meaning got."

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Local Form:

Languages : Unknown

Informants: OS