Township: Cornaigbeg

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Name Type: shore

Meaning: Cornaigbeg | This is a raised green area in the centre of ScG An Lèanag Mòr 'the large meadow or swampy plain' (Dwelly). In the context of Tiree the extensive outcrop of rocks to the south, now known as ScG Na Creagan Breaca 'the dappled rocks', might be called a 'slope'.

The specific here is likely to be ON grjót 'stone' (Berit Sandnes, pers. comm.). Gruline in Mull has been comprehensively derived from ON grót 'stony' with þing 'assembly', and Whyte has extended this reconstruction to Gruline on Eigg and Islay (Whyte 2014; Macniven 2015, 325). Another possiblity for the generic is ON hlíðin 'the slopes' with the post-positioned definite article (Berit Sandnes, pers. comm.).
The ending -ainn or -inn is unusual on the west coast of Scotland. There is a Garbh-Ling in Lochalsh, and a Lon Bho-Lainn (SP); there is a Greaulin on the west side of Trotternish, Skye (Blaeu 1662); The Leean on Rousay is derived from hlíðin (Marwick 1995 (1947), 61); there is another Leean in Northmavine, Shetland (SP); there is a Grøliin in Oppdal, Norway (NG); and Grøtlien occurs twice as a farm name in Norway (OR).

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Related Places:

An island in the middle of An Lionadh Mhor - HJC

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Hector JC Campbell, Cornaigbeg, 3/1994