Township: An Àird a Deas,Caolas

Map Reference: Ardeas 22

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The specific is likely to be ON lón 'inlet ... frequently in local names Lón (CV, 399; Jakobsen 1936, 79). This may be a loan word from the ScG lòn 'pond, lakelet' (Dwelly; Sandnes 2010a, 86)
The generic is ON hamarr ‘hammer ... metaphorically, a hammer-shaped crag, a crag standing out like an anvil' (CV, 235); 'a steep rock, rocky wall’ (Jakobsen 1936, 51); 'metaphorically applied to a hammer-shaped crag most often in the side of a hill, a jutting out rock' (Jakobsen 1897, 80): Lónhamarr.
Lona and Lonan are found in Norway (NS); Lone and Lonbakken are farm names in Norway (OR); Lón is common as a simplex farm name in Iceland, and also in compound names, as in Lónseyri (SAM). Hamar is an extremely common element in the Northern Isles, as in Hamar, Hamarigrind Scord or Vegg Hamar (SP); in Norway as in Vikhammer, Malvik (NG); and among Icelandic farm names it occurs fifteen times as the simplex Hamar and as Svarthamar (SAM).

Other Forms: Lonamer Harbour - The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768 and accompanying survey text.

Lònamar - AMcL

Related Places:

There was a jetty there for loading cattle into boats bound for the mainland - AMcL.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Angus MacLean, Scarinish, 11/1993 and 5/1996