Township: An Àird a Tuath,Caolas

Map Reference: Aird a Tuath 1

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The red inlet

Other Forms: Port Ruaig - The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768 and accompanying survey text. [This seems an unlikely primary form given the proximity of Ruaig township - JH]

Port Ruaig - Map of Tiree, reduced from a survey of the island by Langlands, in the possession of His Grace, The Duke of Argyll. Reproduced in The Island of Tiree by William Reeves, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, volume 2, 1854, p 233-244.

Related Places: Professor Donald Meek, Caolas (via Rhoda Meek), 3/2016

Information:" 'S a theid do'n chladach do'n Phort Ruadh;" - Na Baird Thirisdeach, ed. Rev Hector Cameron, An Comunn Thirisdeach, 1932, p 262.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Willie MacIntosh, Caolas, 1/1994

Informant 2: OS

Informant 3: The Turnbull Map of Tiree 1768