Township: Baugh

Map Reference: Baugh 15

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The conflicting source forms make this name difficult to reconstruct safely. It could be a Norse name, with ON hrís ‘shrubs, brushwood, in place-names in Iceland Hrísar, Hrís-hóll’ (CV, 286). The generic may be the weakly stressed generic ON kollr ‘rounded hill’, referring to Cnoc Eibrig. Eared willow (Salix aurita) is fairly common in the west of Tiree (Pearman 2000, 128), and may have been more prevalent in medieval times. There is a Risdale in Argyll (SP); there is a Risholen in Sandnes, Norway (NG); Ris- is a common specific among Norwegian farm names, as in Risbakken (OR). The modern oral source presents an apparently Gaelic form with ScG riasg, a noun meaning ‘moor, fen’ (Cox 2002b, 352), and the suffix -ach forming an adjective (Cox 2002b, 60), but this does not suit the topography.

Other Forms: Port Riasgaich - HMcK

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Hugh MacKinnon (The Dooley), Baugh, 1/1996