Township: Baugh

Map Reference: Baugh 31

Name Type: sliabh

Meaning: There are at least two possibilities for the specific:
• ON ørfiris ‘tidal’ (Crawford 1987, 103). ‘ör-firi, or ör-fjara, an out-going, ebbing: Örfiris-ey is the principle name for islands which, at low-water, are joined to the mainland by a reef which is covered at high-water; one such island is near Reykjavik; another at Skard in western Iceland, now called Öffirs-ey; so also Ör-fjara = the island Orfir in Orkney’ (CV, 766). There are numerous small tidal islets called Orosay on Coll, Barra, Uist, and Carloway (Cox 2002b, 275)
• ON øyrir ‘ounce’, a measurement of land value worth one ounce of silver (Marwick 1947, 17); OI eyrir (genitive eyris) ‘ounce of silver... eyris-land ‘land giving the rent of an eyrir’’ (CV, 136); and øyrir ‘1/8 of a mark, in Shetland still remembered as a land measure, as in the farm name Ørsland [in Lillesand, Norway (NG)]’ (Jakobsen 1936, 124) There is an Orrawick in Lunasting, and an Orrastacks in Northmavine, Shetland (SP); there are examples of Øresvik in Rødøy and Trøgstad (NG).
There are also a number of alternatives for the generic:
• ON skáli ‘hall or house of a prominent person’, which suits its prominent site
• ON kollr ‘hillock’, which also suits the topography
• ON skalli ‘bald head, in place-names of dry or stony rising ground’
(Jakobsen 1936, 96), which is topographically less likely
• The OS version suggests a different or additional generic: ON garðr ‘farm or fence’, ON geiri ‘a triangular piece of land’ or ON gerði ‘fence’ (see Fòirneagal/Fòirneigeir and Groideagal/Groidegear)
There is a Sgaladal in Uig, Sgalanish in Kilninian, Sgalagro in Barvas, and a Scalagarry and Scalavat in South Uist (SP).

Other Forms: Orisgal - modern OS

Òdhrasgair - ONB p83, with Orisgair crossed out

Òrisgal - Mary MacKinnon, Parkhouse, 6/2013

Oirisgeal or Oineasgeal - Ailean Boyd, 9/2011

Òinisgear - AB, 6/2013

Related Places:

Ceit and Mairi 'Bel Òrisgail lived there and their house was descibed as a great place for parties. Katie Òrisgail played the fiddle. The house has been described as "the hub of the universe."

Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: multiple

Informant 2: OS