Township: Baugh

Map Reference: Baugh 43

Name Type: shore

Meaning: With just one oral source for this name, it is difficult to reconstruct safely. Liùc is a local dialectal variant of ScG leac 'slab, flat stone, tombstone ... ledge of rock jutting out from the foot of a cliff on the foreshore and covered by the sea at flood tides' (Dwelly; a local exampleis An Liùc Ruadh, Hynish: Angus MacLean, 5/1996, oral source). This suits the topography of the end of the point at Baugh.
Another possibility is a loan-name *Liùc < ON lœkr 'stream', referring to the stream An Fhadhail, with a ScG locational suffix -(a)id 'place of' (Cox 2002, 60). The phonetic development is irregular, as ON lœkr has otherwise become ScG lèig (Cox 2002, 110). See Rògaig.

Other Forms:

Related Places:

Recorded as Loch Liùcaid, but it is a small coastal indentation - JH.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: Hugh MacKinnon (The Dooley), Baugh, 1/1996