Township: Baugh

Map Reference: Baugh 64

Name Type: fort

Meaning: Beveridge reconstructs this name as, ‘a bilingual compound meaning ‘the west fort’ (iar-borg)’, (Beveridge 1903, 112), from ScG iar ‘west’. His source points to a fricative terminal -g.
However, this is a Norse name. The specific may be ON iða ‘whirlpool, eddy’ (CV, 313), which could refer to the opening of the stream draining Loch a’ Bhàigh into An Fhadhail (Turnbull map). There is an Iahamar on Unst; an Idarbakken in Levanger, and an Idasteinen in Hjelmeland, Norway (NG); and Iða occurs three times as a farm name in Iceland (SAM).
The generic is ON bryggja ‘landing place’. When the estuary now known as An Fhadhail was much larger (see the Blaeu map of 1654), this name implies there was an inland landing point at high tide here.

Other Forms: Dùn Ìbrig - ONB p169, with Dùn Ìbric crossed out.

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Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: OS