Township: Baugh

Map Reference: Baugh 34

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Meaning: Baugh | The site of an Iron Age roundhouse surrounded by a lochan, now drained, on the east bank of ScG An Fhadhail 'the ford'.

Beveridge reconstructs this name as 'a bilingual compound meaning 'the west fort' (iar-borg)' (Beveridge 1903, 112), from ScG iar 'west'. His source points to a fricative terminal -g.
However, this is a Norse name. The specific might be ON iðri 'inner, i.e. further inland' (Marwick 1995 (1947), 58; CV, 313) or innri 'innermost' (CV, 315). The Ha's o' Ither Hellyie and Itherie Geo occur on Rousay (Marwick 1995 (1947), 55 and 58); Inner- is an extremely common modifier of Norwegian names, as in Innerøya (NG); Innara is a common modifier in settlement names in the Faroe Islands, as in Innara Nev (KO); and it is extremely common among farm names in Iceland, for example Innri Múli (SAM). This is topographically extremely plausible
The generic is ON bryggja ‘landing place’. This name implies there was an inland landing point at high tide here when the stream now known as An Fhadhail was much wider (see the Blaeu map 1654). As late as 1878, the 1st edition OS marks 'the highest point to which ordinary spring tides' flow as being fully 1 km inland.

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Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: OS - ONB p170