Township: Barrapol,Ceann a’ Bharra

Map Reference: Kenavara 21

Name Type: cliff

This may be the male ON personal name Hræiðarr with the genitive morpheme /s/. A number of other clefts on the cliffs of Kenavara are named today after people involved in climbing accidents, for example Sloc Mhic Fhionnlaigh. The generic is ON gil ‘gully’.
There is a Reisgill in Latheron, Caithness (SP); there is a Reisgil in Suldal, Norway (NG); Reisæter is a farm name in Norway (OR); and Hreiðurborg occurs as a farm name in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms: Sloc Reaisgil - DMcN, HMcL

ONB p.209 gives Sloc na Rèidh-sgeire, meaning "creek of the smooth rock." "Applies to a long narrow creek on the caost situated immediately west of An Dun." [this may not be the same feature - JH]

Sloc Ghreathasgail - Bailtean is Ath-Ghairmean, Niall M Brownlie, Argyll Publishing, 1995, p155, which he gives as The Gully of the Grassy Ravine.

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: Donald MacNeill (Dòmhnall an Tàilleir), The Land, 1/1994

Informant 2: OS

Informant 3: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, collected by Ailean Boyd