Township: Barrapol,Ceann a’ Bharra

Map Reference: Kenavara 114

Name Type: machair

Meaning: This is an enigmatic name with only one source form. Baca is a common loan word on Tiree, from ON bakki (dative bakka) ‘bank of a river, water or chasm’ (CV, 50) > ScG baca locally meaning a ‘knoll or sand dune’. It may have been used here in a Norse or Gaelic coinage. The second element may be OI r?ðull ‘edge or crest of a hill, cliff...brekku-r?ðull, fjalls-r?ðull ‘the crest of a hill, fell’ (CV, 507).
There are three examples of Rødelva in Norway (NG); Röðull occurs twice as a farm name in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms:

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informant 2: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, collected by Ailean Boyd