Township: Balevullin,Kilmoluaig

Map Reference: Kilmoluaig 136

Name Type: shore

Meaning: The male ON personal name Vrangr with the genitive morpheme /s/, with eitherON dalr ‘valley or piece of ground’ or ON st?ðull ‘milking place’.
Vrangesund and Rangsæteren are farm names in Norway (OR); and Rangárvellir
is a farm name in Iceland (SAM).

Other Forms:

Related Places:

An area mainly in Crois with a small part in Balevullin - AMcK.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse

Informants: Archie MacKinnon, Cornaigmore and Iain Aonghais MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig, 8/1994