Township: Balephetrish

Map Reference: Balephetrish 60

Name Type: agricultural

Meaning: This is a Norse name in ON nes ‘point’. There are two possible derivations for the specific:
• ON krysu ‘cross’ (Mowat 1931, 30): 'Krysi-vík in southern Iceland, probably from a harbour cross being erected there.' (CV, 356-7)
• ON Kristr 'Christ' (genitive Krists) (CV, 355). Helgi the Lean, one of the first settlers in Iceland, called his farm Kristnes (Landnám Helga Magra; SAM; Landnámabók 1900, 304)
Kryssen is a common name in Norway, there is a Kryssby in Bærum, and there is a Krysstangen in Porsgrunn, Norway (NG); Kryssby is recorded as a farm name in OR; and Kristnes occurs once, and Krossanes four times, as a farm name in Iceland (SAM). See Circnis in Balephetrish.

Other Forms: Pairc Chrisnis and Pàirc Cnoc Chrisnis - MMcK

Related Places:

Information:Parkhouse is surrounded by rocks, except for Pàirc Cnoc Chrisnis which is to the west of the house. Her father named the house after this 'park'. CMcK
100 m north of the road from Eirneal to Balephetrish, 200 m east of Lachie's own house - LMcK.

There are two rectangular buildings and a sub-circular 'cell' just inside the gate (seen on Google Earth). On the Cnoc itself are some large raised stones which could be the foundations of a building - JH.

Local Form:

Languages : Norse, Gaelic

Informants: Mairi MacKinnon, Parkhouse, 2/1997, 9/2009 and 5/2013

Informant 2: Lachlan MacKinnon, Parkhouse, 6/2013

Informant 3: Catriona MacKinnon, Parkhouse, 5/2015