Township: Balephetrish

Map Reference: Balephetrish 12

Name Type: watercourse

Meaning: Loch nan Òb - ONB p 103, "significance unknown."

No longer known in the oral tradition. A loch 100m from the shore. Loch nan Òb 'the loch of the bays or inlets' suits topographically close to a fissured coastline.

Other Forms: Loch Nanoab on Turnbull 1768.

Loch nan Òban. Possibly refers to the knobs or rocks in the loch - MMcK

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Obscure

Informants: Turnbull Map 1768

Informant 2: OSNB p 103

Informant 3: Mary MacKinnon, Balephetrish