Township: Balephetrish

Map Reference: Balephetrish 25

Name Type: fort

Meaning: Dùn Bhaile Phèadrais: The fort of Balephetrish

Balephetrish | A historic name for the Iron Age fort ScG Dùn Bhaile Pheadrais 'the fort of Balephetrish'

The lack of source forms makes this name difficult to reconstruct safely. This is plausibly a Pictish British survival, but it is also possible that this is a Norse transfer name. Tellegge is a coastal hill farm south of Osen, Sør-Trøndelag, and Tellevik occurs twice, in Bergen and Bømlo, Norway (NG).

Other Forms: “Dun Taelk in BallyPetris.” Martin Martin, A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, 1703, p270.

Dun-Taelk - Coll and Tiree, Erskine Beveridge, Birlinn, 2004, p104, quoting Martin.

Dùn Ballyphetrish - ONB p56

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Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic, Iron, Obscure

Informants: OS

Informant 2: Martin Martin