Township: Balemartine

Map Reference: Balemartine 38

Name Type: road

Meaning: There are at least two possibilities:
• V?ttr ‘glove’ (CV, 723). Vøttu is a hill name in Møre, Norway (NG). See Fadamul below in the Gazetteer
• Vötn, nominative plural of vatn ‘water, lake’. This could refer to Loch Phuill, which is shown joined to Loch Bharabol on the Blaeu map (1654). Vötn is a farm name in Iceland (SAM)
However, if the source form Bòid is not regarded as a back-formation, reconstructions could also include:
• Botn ‘head of a bay, upper end of valley’ (CV, 73): Botn occurs seven times in Norway (NG); Botne derives from botn, and is a common generic, as in Skibotn (NS); and Botn occurs as a farm name in Iceland (SAM). This may refer to the east end of Loch Phuill, but otherwise does not appear to suit the flat topography here
• Mót ‘meeting, juncture [possibly with the meaning of boundary]’ (CV, 436). There is one Motten in Vinje, Norway (NG); Motet is a farm name in Norway (OR); Åmot is derived as ‘the confluence of the river Å’ (NS); Mót is common as a generic among qualified compound Icelandic farm names, for example Landamót, but does not occur as an unqualified simplex name (SAM). A large stream flowing into Loch Phuill is joined by a small side stream here
The folk etymology as a Gaelic name from ScG mòd ‘meeting place’, itself a loan word from ON mót, is likely to be an ‘etymological back-formation’; while Mod does not occur as a simplex name in Scotland, ScG Tom a’ Mhoid ‘the hillock of the assembly’ occurs seven times (SP).

Other Forms:

Related Places: see Cùl Mhòid.

Boundary between Balemartine and Balephuil. There were posts but no gate here the 1910s - EK.

An Saighdear's son died about 16 from meningitis. The funeral procession was helped along by some shisky and they started fighting at Cachaileith Mhòid. It was the last time they allowed drinking before the grave was filled - HMcL.

Local Form:

Languages : Gaelic

Informants: Mor Campbell, Balemartine, 11/1993

Informant 2: Eilidh Kennedy (Eilidh bheag), Balemartine, 11/1993

Informant 3: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, 12/1996